This summer has been filled with a ton of great music. From Beyonce’s “Lemonade” to Frank Ocean’s “Blonde”, there have been many hit records released and in rotation. However, we love showing appreciation to new rising artists. Below are a list of five projects from upcoming artists that you may need to check out!



  1. Nao – For All We Know

Nao is an upcoming singer/song writer that recently dropped an influential album entitled “For All We Know”. From sultry vocals on her intro “Like Velvet” all the way to her rising hit “Bad Blood”, she seems to be changing the game. Her album isn’t only an R&B classic, but can also be considered a fusion of both new school R&B and Electro funk. Check out her hit single “Bad Blood” from her album “For All We Know” below:




2. Avalon Young – Still

Avalon Young recently released an album entitled “Still”. Her sound cloud views have been rising due to her beautiful vocal range and relatable lyrics. Check out her single “Favorite” below:




3.  Trace – Low EP

Trace is an upcoming singer/songwriter currently trying to pave a way for herself. Her sound, which continues to expand and grow, remains true to itself with ambient vibes and truthful lyrics. Check out her song “Away” below:





4.  PJ – Rare

PJ has been rising to stardom on her own timing and one can say that she is right on time. Her album “Rare” has been on everyones radar and features hit makers such as G-Eazy and Ty Dolla Sign. She represents confidence in her record “I’m good” and discusses feeling wanted in songs like “Tell Me” featuring Jevon Doe. Check out her album below:



5.  Marteen Estevez –  Focussed 

Marteen Estevez is determined to chase his dream. At the young age of fifteen, he recently released his album “Focused” and it is phenomenal. It can be said that he has a song for everyone. From songs like “Funny” which discus social media, and songs like “Try” that discuss giving someone a chance, he seems to have an excellent voice and vision for his future. Check out his new album below: