Arima Ederra Trippin On U

Last winter, Arima Ederra gracefully shared with us her first single, “Crystal Blue,” off of her 2016 slated sophomore project Temporary Fixes. After releasing the first single, the luminous songstress spent ample time of 2015 building her rapport as an independent artist while developing her “psychedelic soul” sound and drawing inspiration to bring her vision of Temporary Fixes to life. As a Converse Rubber Tracks selected artist, Arima spent time putting her finishing touches on her project at the Legendary Sunset Sound recording studio in LA, last Fall.

Today, the radiant singer we have grown to love is back on the scene with her second official single “Trippin On U.” The track is produced by DJ Orc and features instrumentalist Te’amir Sweeney playing the traditional Ethiopian krar as a nod to her roots. The cover art designed and photographed by Las Vegas experimental artist Journey Sue is also influenced by Ederra’s African roots. The radiant singer discovers a new element of celestial lighting that suggests a unique method of sonic design and evocative soundscapes. At a time where artists are inclined to bare it all. Arima Ederra speaks from a heart-soaked pocket of deity and desire.

“Some memories hold a certain warmth to them, kinda like when you find an old photo. This song was a reflection of that for me. I was inspired by a beautiful experience, mixed with a little imagination, and nostalgic Ethiopian love songs.” – Arima Ederra

Listen to “Trippin on U” below