When Beyoncé released her project for Lemonade on HBO, the excitement and controversy rose all over from fans and critics. The content is dark and mysterious with a splash of Bey glamour.

However, when the visual released, rumors spread as quick as roaches. People all over the world began to say the message behind the one-hour project was that Jay-Z cheated on Beyoncé.

Truth is, whether or not that is true—that is not what Queen Bee wanted everyone who watched the video to take in from it.

In the video, she sings parts of all her twelve tracks from the albums while acting the songs out.

Her messages are depicted in the lyrics and in the visual. Her messages are social and political.

A message that tells women to be independent and not to incline on the support of anyone other than themselves, a message that says all lives matter, a message that says there should be equality among everyone, a message that says true love is messy but true love will overcome all, and that everyone can be stronger than ever before when going through hardships.

Something else to take from Bey’s Lemonade is how this new project of hers is also meant to create a safe, powerful, dignifying, and inspiring space for black women. While yes, all lives matter, another depicted message of hers is that the lives of black women DO matter as much as anyone else’s life. Women of all identities can relate to her new songs, but black women in particular can connect to this new album as a healing space. Go Bey!