20-year-old Johnny Maxwell from Hayward, California made his debut to the world in 2012 on the hit talent show, “The X Factor USA.” Today, he’s an emerging singer, dancer and writer who just released a self titled EP to his thousands of fans across the states. We bring you the all-exclusive interview where Johnny shares his career goals, appreciation for his fanbase and what he looks for in a lady.

What’s been the reaction to your EP?

It was actually bigger than I thought. A lot of people took a liking to it and it ended up getting a lot more love that I thought it was gonna get. I’ve noticed a tremendous growth in not only my fanbase, but my support base. A lot of people gave me the credit for dropping it and it’s been a good reaction so far.

Being that you’re young, what is it that you want to accomplish in the music industry?

I want to make a name for myself and be a positive influence among my peers, anyone in general who might need a helping hand or someone to look up too who’s doing something with their life. I hope people can see that as I grow as an artist. 

What’s been the best part about the recognition you’ve gotten thus far?

The best part to me is seeing these fans. It’s like you interact with them on social media and you release music, but you don’t really have a complete understanding of what you’re actually doing until you have a show. You got all these people in the audience chanting your lyrics and screaming your name and that, to me, is the best feeling to just be able to take in. 

I saw your X Factor audition video, did you expect that sort of reaction from the crowd?

I really didn’t know what to expect. I was probably the most nervous that I’ve ever been in my life and what most people don’t know is that, that was only like the second time I’d actually performed in front of anybody. It was life-changing, to be honest.

What about the ladies going crazy for you in the crowd?

(laughs) When I heard the girls screaming and saw them jumping up and down, I was blown away. I was just a normal teenager at that point and it felt good, it made me want to do more. 

Talking about the ladies, what’s the type of girl that attracts you?

To be completely honest, it’s someone who I can tell is not trying to impress anybody and is being herself. That makes me wanna pursue her and find out more like, “Okay, well she gots this boss-like character, let me find out more. Let me see how she can benefit me and how I can benefit her.” 

What type of music will you be diving to in the future?

Yeah, I do RnBass music but at the same time I do Pop music and other things that are so diverse that you normally wouldn’t expect. I don’t want to limit myself in what I’ll do so I can’t categorize myself in one genre.

So would you say you’re still finding your sound or do you want to be a diverse artist?

That’s a good question! (laughs) I want to be the bridge to RnBass and Pop. Who knows, I might bring something different. I’m hoping that could be a lane I create for myself. 

What’s your favorite thing about your new single “Don’t Match“?

With that one it was really fun to write. I was in the studio with my team and we were just listening to the beat. What I love about music is you can make it about whatever you wanna make it about. With that song, I was like, “Man, I’m just tryna picture something smooth. Like I’m James Bond tryna pick up a girl,” (laughs) and that’s how I treated the song.  

Which 3 words would you use to describe yourself?

You can call me a “people’s-person”. I think that’s an equal representation of how I am when I have shows and people can vouch for me. I’m there for the people. Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool making money but my main priority is spreading positivity and being there for the people. 

One word works.

We bring you Maxwell’s latest single “Don’t Match,” off his self-titled EP right here!