Before Meek Mill and Drake, the world already knew about “ghostwriters” but  it seemed nobody was talking about the subject. You know, “keeping it under the rug.”  Most recently, controversy on ghostwriters and whether an artist can still be considered credible has stirred up music consumers.

Comedian Kevin Hart, for example, has come out to say that his team does help write jokes after he was accused of having ghostwriters. Artists such as Kanye West, Puff and Rihanna have also been accused of stamping their names on material that wasn’t written by them. According to reports, ghostwriters have been common in the music industry since the 1970’s.

It’s fair to point out that ghostwriters know what they’re getting into. They do the work and get cut a check. Most ghostwriters are okay with the idea that they will get zero credit. So my question to you as the music consumer is: Do you care who’s writing your favorite artist’s songs?

Consider these points: Genre and lyrical content. Would it be the same if an artist such as J.Cole or Kendrick, who talk about deep life issues, had ghostwriters compared to Rihanna? Are you a fan because of the way they perform a song or because of their written content?

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Do you care if your favorite artist has “ghostwriters”?


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Check out Royce Da 5’9″ as he talks on ghostwriting and why he understands it but wouldn’t do it (2:40)

“It’s a new way of creating.”