As if we don’t already have enough #trustissues! Reports have the Internet hyped up today with rumors that Frank Ocean’s anticipated album will be dropping tomorrow June 3rd. It’s hard to confirm these details because Frank has no Twitter or Instagram after deleting it in 2013. How does he do it?!

The lead began on a Twitter account known as @SnatchedBops. It’s gotten over 12k likes and retweets combined.

Fans have been waiting on this album expected to be titled “Boys Don’t Cry” for about a year now. This will be Frank’s sophomore album…when it drops. It’s been 4 years now since “Channel Orange” and fans are growing impatient. Earlier this year we thought it was time when a super secret listening party allegedly took place but no album. 

We’ll be anxiously waiting to see if the news is legit but for now, we’ll sit back and enjoy the memes.