2015 was a successful year for singer-songwriter and producer August Rigo, and now that the New Year is here, he’s making sure to keep fans at the edge of their seat.

The Toronto native has worked with big names from Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Sean Kingston, among others. In the midst of his career, the self-taught musician breaks down his life lessons and tips for anyone who’s trying to make it in the music industry.

Check out the all-exclusive interview with August Rigo and get the latest scoop on the talented man.

You’re born and raised in Toronto, Canada; how do you think that has played a role in your career?

Early on it was very difficult being from Canada because we didn’t have anybody from the international market that were really doing it. Now that we have Drake who champions the city, we’re getting a lot of light on talent. I definitely get the benefit of the doubt now because I’m from Toronto, and there’s a lot of attention.

You’re a singer-songwriter, and producer, how did you get your start in the industry?

“I always loved singing,” August remembers performing for his family and doing karaoke at every family party. From there he went to a performance arts high school, where he dipped his feet in opera, jazz, pop, you name it, August did it. Following high school, the singer-producer did gigs here and there, until he headed out to the Big Apple to pursue his dream. He adds, “I stayed there to meet people and hand out my records outside of record labels for weeks, months.”

Who would you say are some of the biggest influences to your career?

Creatively, I’m a big Michael Jackson fan! He’s the first person I saw perform in T.V., he was my initial influence for loving music. I also love the old music, and I’m also really influenced by the 90s RnB movement, which is always with me. What I would really love to be is to eventually morph into a Pharrell or a Timbaland, they see the music differently and people give them the benefit of the doubt.

Along your journey, I’m sure you’ve learned many things. What are some key lessons you’ve learned thus far?

There is a couple of different things, but the most important thing about this industry is to really stay true with yourself and who you are because it’s very easy to be susceptible influenced by “what’s cool” and “what’s poppin’” at the moment.” In this industry I find that aside from the talent and the connections, timing is key. There’s been times that I’ve had a song for a year or two, but I didn’t have the right place for it at that moment and then in comes that right moment for it.


If you could describe your work ethic in 3 words, what would they be and why?

Loyal, hard working, and inspired. Why, because I like to keep those who are true close to me and I’m very loyal as a person with my music, and as a writer.

You’ve written songs for several artists, but what would you say is your most proud project?

My favorite song that I’ve ever written for somebody is probably still “U Smile” from Justin Bieber’s My World 2.0 album. First off, doing those records for Justin Bieber was a life changing moment for me because he ended up taking 3 songs. I really think I was incredible lucky to be part of that album.

Going off the last question, you also wrote “Back To Sleep” which is from Chris Brown’s Royalty album. Where did you get the inspiration for any of your songs?

It comes from a lot of places. Some days I take my personal feelings whether good or bad and use that as inspiration. I read books watch movies listen and listen to other music as well to inspire me. Sometimes I just listen to the music being played in the studio and let it take me somewhere.

Now last but not least, with the New Year here, what are some upcoming goals or plans you have set for yourself this year?

Now that 2016 is here, August is ready to continue his streak of success, from being in the studio with his record label, SummerChild Records to working on new music with his first artist Ginette Claudette. The singer-songwriter says, “You can expect content that shows who I am as a musician and as a person. I hope also to be creating great songs that can stand the test of time.”

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