Most people may not realize how successful Ciara has been this past decade. With her first album “Goodies” topping the charts, her dance moves slaying every stage, and he cosigns from major artists such as Missy Elliot, we can honestly say that Ciara has been living up to the dream of being a successful R&B pop sensation. With that being said, below are 5 songs you can bump on behalf of her 31st birthday. Happy Birthday Ciara!


  1. Ciara made the perfect female empowerment anthem when she released the song “Like a Boy”. We can all remember the part of the music video where the beat slows down so she can show off some very cool and boss dance moves. Check it out it below:


2. This song made everyone want to fall in love. “Promise”, which was an R&B classic, was the perfect song to dedicate to your lover, and it still is! Not to mention the cool dance moves that she happens to pull off very effortlessly. Check out the music video below:

3. Maybe you’re sitting at home and want to listen to something sexy. Ciara’s hit song “Ride” is still the song to jam to. Check out the music video below:

4.  We all remember when the internet was swarmed with cute pictures of Future and Ciara. We also can remember his appearance in her music video “Body Party”. It made the song even more romantic. They may not be together now but we can’t deny that this music video is still adorable and the song is still a hit. Check it out below:

5. “I Bet” was one of Ciara’s hits that showed us her emotional depth as an artist. We saw a Ciara that was very artistic yet deep in love throughout the music video. If you are feeling inspired, check out the expressive yet sentimental music video below:

We hope Ciara has an amazing birthday. Her music has been great for more than a decade and she continues to inspire us. Thank you for the hits and your amazing dance moves!