You simply have not been able to get on any social media platform this week and not seen a rollercoaster of emotions, videos and comments regarding the recent police scandals involving 32-year-old Philando Castile, 37-year-old Alton Sterling and the 5 beloved Dallas officers.

We’ve gathered for you a compilation of celebrity reactions regarding the incidents as they exercise their 1st Amendment rights with their freedom of speech.

  1. August Alsina “…and when you show me that my life is dispensable… what the f*ck else do we have to loose?”

Question ? A System Cannot Fail Those Who It Was NEVER designed to protect.

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2. Drake writes a short but powerful note to the world.


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3. Chris Brown asks celebrities to use their voices to “help, please?”

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4. Snoop Dog and The Game were seen out in the streets of Los Angeles today (July 8, 2016) hosting a peaceful protest. Snoop takes a minute to gather his thoughts shortly after the protest.

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6. Rising female rap artist, Cardi B shares her opinion on the recent shooting at in Dallas during a peaceful protest. Warning: explicit language

Not to say that those cops deserved to be shot/killed #JustSaying #CardiB

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7. Diddy shares a short clip teasing his final thoughts on the incidents. He shares a wise piece of advice saying, “pray before you speak.” Stay tuned for the final video.

Stay tuned

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8. Actress and singer Keke Palmer didn’t share a homemade video on her thoughts nor a long caption expressing her feelings. She did however repost a clip from anti-racism activist Jane Elliott that reflects a powerful message.

Well, there it is. #thatsthegagtho #JaneElliott

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9. Meagan Good and every man’s celebrity childhood crush, shared a heartfelt caption on a photo of the 15-year-old son of victim Alton Sterling.

I am so angry and upset I feel like I could explode!!!! I’m furious and feel helpless .. I can stand, I can march BUT I WANT ACTION! Im overwhelmingly grieved and exhausted of seeing people killed like this! ..many things we cant control in this life .. Many things are beyond what we can truly comprehend.. But THIS? THIS?!!? Maybe we can’t change overnight how any one person may view you/us or even how they may or may not value your life, but we CAN make the punishment more hard-core and make those charged to “protect and serve”, think twice before they treat our lives like garbage. From my understanding- out of 4000 people killed by the police since 2013, only in six cases have people been prosecuted. I know there are tons of good police officers truly doing their jobs and giving of their lives every day to try to make the world better-but they too need to stand against the ones that can treat human life like it’s expendable, the cowards who think they have the right to make executive decisions about a persons life or death because they’re being inconvenienced -the punishment needs to be severe enough that when confronted with a decision, they’ll make a different one then they might care to because even though clearly they don’t care about us -if nothing else I can bet they care about their own damn selves and their own families. As a woman who loves God I don’t wish anything bad on anyone- but they have to be put in a position to be accountable for their actions! At that point whatever happens is a consequence to fit that action. #AltonSterling

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