Mother’s Day is tomorrow and to celebrate this wonderful day we turn to nothing else than music.

Music it set to be the most emotional art-form that connects us all, so I’ve compelled a list of songs that tribute the real M.V.P of our lives. Now whether your mom is a fan of today’s music culture, I’m sure there’s a few tune she enjoys.

Scroll down below, and delight your mama with several of these beautiful tunes. Happy Mother’s Day to yours!

“You and the 6” – Drake
Drake is always highlighting his home city of Toronto, but here he shows how his relationship with his mother and he appreciating her has for her.

“Hey Ma” – Chance the Rapper
Going back before Acid Rap, Chance dropped “Hey Ma” saluting his mama for standing with him and promising her some paper.

“Mama” – The Dream
The Dream released his own ode to mothers simply called “Mama,” which appeared on his 2007 album Love/Hate. He wrote this song in memory of his mother who passed away, but remembers on how she was the one who truly motivated him and encouraged him through it all.

“A Song For Mama” – Boyz II Men
Such a beautiful song for all mothers, Boyz II Men detail their love for their number 1 woman with sweet harmony.

“Superwoman” – Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys sings her heart out with such an honoring anthem for all working moms who are fighting for their children. Wearing that “S” on their chest, it’s pretty hard not to bow down to the woman who’s always had our back.

“Hey Mama” – Kanye West
The Chicago-raised rapper is known for all of his antics, but he pours out his emotions in one of his many songs about his mom titled, “Hey Mama.” Kanye’s heartwarming song lets his mother know how appreciative and fortunate he is to have been raised and taught by her.

“Momma Can You Hear Me” – Talib Kweli featuring Kanye West
Back in 2008 Talib Kweli tapped Kanye for the production assist on this nod to his motherly support system “Momma Can You Hear Me.”

“Dear Mama” – 2Pac
Arguably the most popular and played record about mothers across every genre is 2Pac’s “Dear Mama.” The late-great hip-hop veteran reminisces on all of the memories he had with his mother. With this tune, mothers learn just how appreciated and loved they truly are through songs like these.