Bronx-born singer/songwriter Isa releases her brand new RnBass EP “Mirrors Volume I” for her fans. She answers a few questions along with the release of the project and we got to find out more about her!

1) How is it being the granddaughter of Cuban vocalist Isaura Mendoza?

Being the granddaughter of an entertainer was a huge blessing, because from the day I was born and everyday thereafter – music and theater would always be a key part of my life. It also shaped my perception of my own success and what I could achieve. My grandmother went from being really successful in Cuba and traveling the world, to then having to go back to Cuba and surviving the Cuban revolution, to finally leaving her homeland and having to figure out how to establish her career in the USA. Mind you, she did all of this while being the mother to 4 young boys. She did it against all odds. For me, that’s always been a solid confirmation that no matter what happened, I was going to get to where I envisioned myself. I have a long road ahead, but that unwavering belief is always in my heart.

2) What was the inspiration behind this EP?

The inspiration behind the EP is my life and the female artists I look up to – which in this particular instance would be Maria Callas. In all Honesty, the past 3 years were very rough on all levels. On a personal stand point, I was figuring myself out and growing as an individual – growth is beautiful but it can be very painful at times. Artistically, I was also finding my way and my sound – where I wanted to go, rebranding – you name it! Financially, I was point blank period broke. Granted, I’d graduated from a great college, and had solid internships and jobs at wonderful companies, but it’s so financially straining to provide for your survival, and on top of that, the means for a quality music career (paying for production services, rehearsals, musicians for live shows, music videos, photoshoots). I mean, I’ve been my own record label this whole time (LOL).

Maria Callas came into play because she was always so real about who she was. Mind you, she was the most successful Opera singer of the 21st century – but her life was very rough. Through it all though, she maintained her grace and poise. She kept going, even when her voice wasn’t once what it used to be, through heartbreak, and business issues. Through the course of those 3 years, that’s what I did. I was struggling, but I kept going. I’m still going. She was also the reason why I started singing Opera at 14 and trained operatically since then. I took what I loved about her and utilized her ‘matter of fact’ character as the foundation for my EP concept. Honest, genuine, unapologetic lyrics with a focus on vocal technique.

3) What kind of artist would you say you are?

I would say I’m a dedicated artist. An evolving artist – I believe there is always so much more to learn and because of that, I’ve always been able to reinvent and rebrand myself very easily on all levels. My sound and voice have grown so much since my 1st EP.

4) In the next few years, where do you see yourself?

I definitely see myself at the top of the charts, touring the world, snagging some grammies. But most importantly giving back to the Black and Latino community in a big way.

5) Words for advice for other singers (optional)

I’ve said it so many times in this interview, but honestly, no matter what happens: keep going. Don’t limit yourself and your knowledge. Talent is super important but strategy is the key.

Stream ‘Mirrors Volume 1’ below: