We Can

Four years after his debut album For More Than a Feeling and the Pixelated EP, the “YouTube sensation” Jeremy Passion is back with a brand new single for our listening pleasures.

Co-produced with Grammy-nominated Tunde ‘TuneDaRula’, “We Can” playfully brings a sunny and laid back California vibe and emanates from a personal story.

The song was inspired by a girl from LA that I used to date. She was always representing her city and would joke around how it was always better than San Francisco. As much as I love my city, traveling the world and seeing new places have always had my heart. The idea of opening up a whole new world to someone sparked the creation of the lyrics in this song.”

Jeremy’s upcoming project is set to drop in mid-2016, until then, take a listen to “We Can” and let us know what you think.

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