Get to know emerging singer/producer/songwriter Kyle Christopher from Los Angeles, CA as he shares his story in the music business along with his forthcoming projects, exclusively with RnBass.

Kyle Christopher (Cropped)
Kyle has written and worked with the likes of Zendaya, Chris Brown, Kid Ink and Little Mix, to name a few. His most recent work includes Zendaya’s “Something New” featuring Chris Brown as well as the soundtrack for the upcoming movie, Popstar,” which will be in theaters June 3rd.

Today, Kyle is signed to Warner Chappell as a songwriter/producer and is ready to kick off his own music.

Get your first-insight on Kyle as he teases his upcoming EP and its new sound.

When you began song-writing, did you lay off from doing your own music?
Yeah, I laid of the artists stuff.  I was just producing and songwriting but I always wanted to break into the industry a different way. Eventually I got my first publishing situation. I co-wrote a song called “Wings” for a group called Lille Mix. It went 3x Platinum and that was my first placement. 


Was getting back to your own music always in the back of your mind?
It was always in the back of my mind because I was writing all these songs and as a songwriter, you write about things that you’ve actually been through and experienced. 


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When did you decide to get back to it?
When a lot of A&R’s I was submitting music too would ask, “Are you getting back to music? I see you used to do it. You’re dope.” I thought “Yeah, I’ll eventually get to it,” but I finally got to a stage where I solidified myself. Plus, I wanted to find my own sound and not what I was writing for other people. 


Is this a new you or a continuation of the artistry you were doing with the label?
This is a totally new person and new sound. When I was with the label it was R&B/urban now it’s more urban/alternative. Right now, I’m just trying to make music that impacts culturally. I’m trying not to make my song so A-B-C format. I want my music to be more of a feel. 


What do you mean by a new sound?
The stuff that is out right now is very urban and guitar-driven. I wanted my crowd to get used to it and not hit them full-force. My stuff is really influenced by people like Cudi and Lenny Kravitz. You know, that really melodic stuff. I’m trying to merge those sounds together.


I see you representing 7World Entertainment, can you tell me a little about that?
7World is the company that my writing partner, Ramir, and I created to house the producers and artist we have signed to us. This allows me to keep all the production in-house and have a hand in my entire creative process for both my music as well as songs we place through Warner. Reggie Couz, the first artist under 7World, is a Vine star with a music background. We just released his latest single and are working on putting out a project through 7World this year. 


What’s next for you?
We’re working on the EP. I don’t have a title yet. I let that come to me after it’s all done but that should be done very soon. Until then, I’m going to put out a record out this month and some visuals.


Enjoy Kyle’s latest single “Make Em Like You” right here.