Influential R&B singer and songwriter Mýa has dropped her latest project “Smoove Jones,” giving her fans something a little sensual to vibe to. The project allows you to sit back and enjoy Mýa’s own radio show as she plays the host and DJ of her very own songs.

Check out the exclusive RnBass interview with the notable“Case Of The Ex” singer as she speaks on her latest project, insight of sex and how she feels about the evolution of R&B.

“Smoove Jones” is very sexy and bold. Where did the inspiration come from?

The inspiration behind Smoove Jones is my fans, those who have grown with me in the last 15 years. We are now adults, married, with children and the requests coming through social media directly to be have been, “Give us some R&B,” so this is for them. I dug into my archives and I assembled the more mature content that has influences from soul, R&B and classic hip hop and I sprinkled some contemporary aspects such as “Team You” and “Spoil Me” for my fans that want to embrace their sexuality.

Aside from sexy, I’d also describe your album as confident. What advice would you tell those women who may be having a hard time embracing their confidence and sexuality in a relationship?

Well I think your relationship with yourself comes first regarding your confidence and knowing who you are as a person internally, spiritually and mentally and then the physicality comes. Sexuality is not a physical thing. It’s directly connected to all aspects and dimensions of you and it’s a beautiful and natural thing. We must define it for ourselves in a healthy manner before we bring another person to that special realm.

Did you ever feel it was a risk to put out such a strong influenced old-school R&B album?

Well, it’s a different day for Mya. Because I’m independent, I have so much freedom and I don’t think from a place of pressure. I really create and play with genres and sounds from just feeling good. There’s no pressure for me to reach numbers and charts because Im really just sharing what I love to do in the studio. I have a playground to openly play free now.

mya - smoove jones

How do you feel about the evolution of R&B today?

I know so many underground artists in different genres that are talented. R&B is not dead but it has its variety. Legacy, Erika Badu who just killed her mixtape, to today’s mainstream artists like Drake… I love all of it but I do have a void for the 90’s love songs and the content of being able to wear your heart on the sleeve as a female and male. Maybe a little balance is what I do feel is missing on the mainstream side and it’s there like Joe, Tyrese, BJ The Chicago Kid and so many other great artists but we just gotta look for it.

What’s been your biggest takeaway from the business?

I learned that you can’t wait. Do not wait on it. (laughs) I’ve sat and waited, on a professional level, and I lost time when I could’ve been active, When you want something done, you gotta go outside of the box and make if happen for yourself. Be productive, you gotta eat and feed everyone else. You have to be a hunter. Balance is also key. You need time and space to function as a human being so there are moments you need to take for yourself to clear your mind. To deliver product, you do have to be in the right space that the art can hopefully speak for itself.

Will we be seeing any visuals for “Smoove Jones”?

Possibly. I’m already on to the next project (laughs). That was an appetizer and a little treat so I’m letting my fans live with it a little bit so they can tell me exactly what they want.

Smoove Jones Full Track List

  1. “Smoove Jones Radio (Intro)”
  2. “Welcome to My World”
  3. “Hold On” (featuring Phil Adé)
  4. “Elevator” (featuring Smoove Jones)
  5. “Phya”
  6. “Spoil Me”
  7. “Team You”
  8. “Coolin'”
  9. “One Man Woman (Ol’ Skoo’ Joint)”
  10. “Circle of Life (Ol’ Skoo’ Joint)”
  11. “Smoove Jones Afta Glow Show (Outro)”

Check out the full studio album, “Smoove Jones” exclusively available on AppleMusic & iTunes right here