With a reputable list of writing credits such as Usher’s “There Goes My Baby,” Keri Hilson’s “Energy,” Nelly’s “Just A Dream,” singer/producer/songwriter Rico Love is now preparing the release of his upcoming studio album “Veronica.”

Love’s 2013 hit, “They Don’t Know,” set the bar high and 2016 has now brought us a first-taste of the upcoming project.

I got to talk to Love about the upcoming album and latest track “Please,” where he explained the inspiration behind the song via his Instagram.

I wrote “Please” from the perspective a man who just got locked up and this is the first phone call he makes to the woman he loves. She’s fed up with his life style and now she’s ready to move on because she can’t love man behind bars. These are the type of scenarios I envision when I write songs. What goes through the minds of everyday ppl? How do they honestly react ? Or better yet how do you they honestly FEEL inwardly, contrary to how they may “reACT” outwardly! Thanks again to @kingpush for not being afraid of the subject and for attacking the verse in such a clever way. I just wanna make music. I hope there are some ppl who want to hear it. #Veronica is gonna be special. It’s gonna talk about the effects that sex can have on us. How it screws w/ our minds. I hope you guys can grow to love me as much i love the music and the ppl….. Click the link in my bio #TTLO

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What’s been the reaction to the track?
It’s been great. I think what I’ve been trying to do musically is say what’s uncomfortable for people and nobody is willing to say. As men in general, there’s a lot of things that leave us vulnerable and I think that’s my lane. With “Please,” I wanted to continue that. 


Why do you think a lot of artists aren’t talking about those real issues? Is it a male thing? 
Yeah. As black artists, it’s just not working in radio. I don’t think we should stop because of that. I think we should find a way to cut through it. I try my best to be honest and true and if we listen to the top 10 records right now, there’s just not a lot of that. I definitely believe a lot of that comes from the black urban side. 


Your project is called “Veronica.” Who is Veronica?
Veronica represents a sexual desire. A person who has control over you sexually and it causes you to react a certain way. I wanted people to understand how intense sex can control our minds and how it can have a grasp on our reality. It’s almost the idea of being sprung. You can get good sex from anybody but the way you carry on from that is different and I don’t think people talk about that in depth. People always talk about “Girl, Ima do this” and “Ima do that” but cool, now that you did… this is how things have changed between us. Veronica represents how that feels to us. 


Is that the vibe we can expect for the rest of the project? 
That’s exactly the direction. I think “Please” is the introduction.

Do you have a release date yet?
I think I’ve made a lot of great music that I feel not a lot of people have heard. I want to get to the point where millions of people can be affected by it whether they buy it or illegally download it (laughs) I just wanna make sure the people can have access to the music and are aware that it’s out so I want to make sure I have a creative way in doing that before I put the project out. 

Have you been doing any songwriting outside of your own project?
Yeah. I been in the studio with Nick Jonas, Usher, Trey Songz, Pusha T, Scotty ATL, Rich The KidDave East, he’s a hip hop artists I’m really excited about. I’ve been tryna venture on a lot more writing. 


I saw your tweet about aspiring writers. What inspired that thought?  
I see so many people struggling and I’m not talking about financially but just struggling with themselves and frustrated with the process. Even Pharrell, when he was at his peak as one of the greatest producers and songwriters of all time, right? He was in a situation where he was not as excited and motivated anymore so he did other things and look what happened and the year he had. He had one hit that turned into another and another and another. One big record can change your life and understanding that just kinda gives you more hope. 

You do speak a lot on positivity and self-love. Do you consider yourself an inspirational figure?
I don’t consider myself none of that. I always wanna inspire. I’ve always had the desire to uplift and inspire others. I’m very much flawed but I do know what’s right and what’s wrong. What I wanna do is make sure I can give inspiration because that’s what people need. Like today, I saw a person had Rico Love quotes on Twitter from 2009 to now and it was ridiculous reading back on all the things I said and today was a day I really needed to see that. 

Rico Love says “Please” isn’t considered the project’s official single, but instead a way to start the conversation. Check out “Please” right here.