MYA is making sure fans are at the edge of their seats before her highly anticipated EP, Smoove Jones drops. This 12-tracked album comes with confidence and sexiness, giving you something to play for your man.

Smoove Jones is her 7th studio album and 8th independent project, as it’s executive produced by Mya herself. On this album, the Grammy-Award singer plays the part of a radio host/on-air personality with her own radio station along with various musical influences from the 70s, 80s, 90s and today.

Take a look into MYA’s next chapter, as we break down all 12 tracks for you.

1. Jones Intro- Within seconds into the intro of Smoove Jones, you get the vibe that the album gets straight to the point with a touch of seduction, passion for love and tons of ambition.

2. Welcome To My World- Letting her man know just how she likes it, MYA welcomes him into her world.

Come and welcome to my world/I know you like what you see here/Yeah you know that I’m that girl/And if you rocking with mea yeah baby/We could be high class sitting on a boat/I can show you things you ain’t never seen before/I still keep it hood bet you ain’t even know.”

This track’s definitely a female anthem without a doubt!

3. Hold On Feat. Phil Ade- With a soothing beat and Phil Ade assisting on the record, “Hold On” represents a motivational track for any couple. Letting your significant other know that’s it’s going to be alright and that you’ll be fighting along with him till the end. #KeepPushingDontGiveUp

4. Elevator Feat. Smoove Jones- MYA takes action with “Elevator,” as she breaks it down and lets us know that haters mean nothing to this world because at the end of the day, you’re way up high, when they just want to talk smack. #ByeFelicia

5. Phya- Phya” or in other words FIRE, builds up the hot chemistry between MYA and her boo. But, lets not get too carried away, because the “My Love Is Like… WO” singer lets him know how not to get burn.

6. Spoil Me- Boys are for girls, and women rule the world” with a techno-upbeat tune, “Spoil Me” is another female anthem. It’s a record to be driving around to with a bunch of your girls celebrating right beside you.

7. Team US- MYA lets her man know she’s on his team and no one else’s. This track is for all the fellows waisting their time chasing what isn’t out in the market.

“I’m team you, them other dudes cool. Baby, you’re all that I need so what is always gonna be team you.”

8. Coolin’- With soft vocals and acoustic guitar sounds, this track holds an old-school feel with its variation in sounds and voice levels.

9. One Man Woman II- Turn up the volume and light up some candles. This sexy track is the anthem for your man, letting him know he’s the only one for you and you’re not about games.

“Lay down your guard, I promise that I won’t hurt you. Cause I’m a one-man kinda of woman. You ain’t gotta worry ’bout a thang.” 

10. Circle Of Life-  MYA speeds it up with this fun and playful track that takes appreciation to living life in the moment and the music.

11. Smoove Jones Afta Glow- Kicking it off with a seductive radio introduction, this soul-vibing track sets the mood for a late night loving session, if you know what we mean.

“Sit back , relax. Watch me handle my biz. You don’t ever have to worry cause you’re gonna get full service.”

12. One Man Woman (Unplugged)

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Review by: @Dayana_Jiselle and @LupeLooove