kanye-west swish

Talk about a G.O.O.D Friday!

Earlier today (June 3), Kanye West paid a visit to Los Angeles radio station Real 92.3 and premiered a brand new single from his long-awaited Cruel Winter album titled “Champions.”

During his time at the station, Big Boy asked Kanye some hard hitting questions that many of us didn’t know the answers to and without a doubt, showed a different side of Mr. West. Question like “Is Kanye West really crazy?” and “When was the first time he talked to God.”

With that being said, here’s 5 things we learned about Kanye West during his Boy Boy interview on Real 92.3.

Kanye loves his family way more than he loves himself

The Chi-Town native is coming to a city near you

Yuuuup, it’s happening! Kanye West told Big Boy that he’s going on a #WorldTour beginning on September 2016

Kanye BELIEVES in Kanye

Kanye actually SMILES!

Summer hasn’t even started yet, but Yeezy is making sure Cruel Winter happens